Diary #tidaberfaedah

Ola gengs *tetap menyapa walau ga bakal ada yang liat*

Kali ini saya sendiri bakal mengulas keletihan dalam menghadapi hari berat ini.. Anggaplah ini diary yang dipubikasikan namun tidak ada yg sedikitpun berniat membacanya kecuali orang gabut alias saya sendiri.

Oke, jadi hari ini rabu 10 januari 2018 *selamat tahun baroo btw* saya merasa sangat lelah.. Tidak hanya lelah fisik namun juga lelah batin. Untungnya lelah batin sudah dapat teratasi, tinggal lelah fisik yg masih menggerogoti tubuh ini.. Entah kenapa lutut terasa kek pengen copot.. Berikut merupakan Contoh berlebihan yg akan saya jabarkan : lutut saya sepertinya tidak ingin menyatu sebagai satu kesatuan tubuh ini.. lutut saya ingin mandiri dan independen sehingga menimbulkan nyeri luarbiasa..

Sekarang saya pun masih berjuang menghadapi nyeri ini.. Dan yg bikin gondok adalah karena orang2 penghuni rumah gaada yg mau beliin obat penghilang rasa sakit ini.. Akhirnya saya beli sendiri *fyi ; ke indomaret naik motor padahal ga sampe 100 meter* jalan 5 detik aja rasanya sakit bat.. Btw saya ga pernah ngerasain sesakit ini..

Dan Akhirnya beli obat buat mengatasi nyeri..

Sekilas info~

*Sebenernya saya nulis ini sambil nunggu reaksi obatnya*

Sudah 2 jam setelah minum obat~~~

Apa yg terjadi?

Nampaknya tidak ada reaksi 🙂 akhirnya saya beralih menggunakan koyo

Semoga besok sembuh





Sticky Rice Milk

sticky rice milk atau yang dikenal dengan nama tansu a.k.a ketan susu merupakan suatu makanan cemilan yang lezat bergizi. ini sebenarnya saya lagi bosen jadi saya nulis nulis beginian sekalian promosi gitu walaupun ga bakal ada yg liat juga…

jadi, sepupu ambo baru membuka kedai ketan susu nama kedainya PRINCE KETAN SUSU……. ada berbagai varian rasa yang ditawarkan di kedai prince ketan susu. tidak hanya ketan susu yang dijual, tapi ada banyak varian minuman juga yang dijual.. letaknya di depan xxi plasa cibubur,lantai 2…

ketan susu tidak hanya bisa dimakan, tapi juga bisa diemut, dikunyah, ditelan, ataupun dimuntahin kalo kamu ga suka..tapi aku suka. jadi biasanya ketan susunya ku kunyah dan ku telan… oh, iya… ada minuman milkshake yang dijual di kedai prince ketan susu, salah satu favorit saya adalah milkshake cookies blanco..rasanya enak.. dan saya tau cara bikinnya… cara bikinnya adalah menggunakan botol sport adidas.harus pakai botol karena tidak mungkin kan kalo milkshakenya dikocok di talenan…

sekian dulu ya… soalnye aing besok mau ke gereja pagi…

terakhir saya akan memperlihatkan menunya di bawah ini

IMG_20160110_213103 (1).jpgIMG_20160110_213103.jpg

dah…. selamat mencoba


original page : http://b2pmgg.tumblr.com/post/116728947593/trans-apinks-true-personalities-as-described

“Until now, there was never a time when we fought with one another. We’re the type to have conversations regularly, in a very relaxed manner. Even if there is an issue that arises between us, we would approach each other and discuss the issue with one another to avoid any misunderstandings.  Because we have good communication within the team, rather than getting in fights, we naturally became more understanding on one another. As a team, we put a lot of effort and work hard to understand each other’s point of views.”(Yoon Bomi; Star1 Interview)

What Caused A Pink’s Chorong to Shed Tears at a Fan Signing Event?Park Chorong, the leader who goes by another name… ‘mother’.

“Chorong unnie is a perfect example of a leader. When I watch her in broadcasts, I could see many sides of her that I have not been able to see before. She also has a competitive spirit within her. Her cooking skills are exceptional. We definitely picked our leader well. As I am straightforward and tend to be outspoken, if I was the leader, my words could hurt our members’ feelings. However, Chorong unnie has the ability to bring people together. She never gets swayed, and plays the role of the middlemen well.” (Jung Eunji)

“Chorong unnie is the perfect example of a perfect wife and wise mother. As a leader, she leads her members by example. As I debuted at such a young age, there were a lot of things in life that I didn’t know or wasn’t familiar with. After speaking with Chorong unnie, I have been able to learn a lot from her.” (Son Naeun)

“She takes care of people really well. Rather than showing off to people, I like how Chorong unnie has a very modest heart. Because she really likes animals and kids, you often see a motherly side to her.” (Kim Namjoo)

“Instead of her little sisters, Chorong unnie treats her members like her own daughters. When Chorong unnie sees her members going through a hard time, she cries with us. Seeing that side of her really moved me.” (Oh Hayoung)

“There are many things that I have learnt from Chorong unnie. The way she deals every kind of situations is nothing short of amazing. I want to be able to adopt her train of thought. She’s always walking a step behind us, and is always thinking of others before herself. She’s a really dependable unnie. No matter what the circumstance is, she always stays beside me. Every morning, she wakes up the earliest. I’m not sure what time she wakes up everyday, but she wakes each members up, as according to our individual schedules. Her willpower is just amazing. If I was a guy, I would definitely marry Chorong unnie.” (Yoon Bomi) 


Yoon Bomi, the person with a heart that embraces the people around her.

“Bomi has a very bright and fun image on broadcasts. Out of the members, she is the most soft-hearted. She has the ability to comfortably confide to anyone. She has a lot of tears, and she takes good care of the people in her surroundings. Because of that, she has a lot of people around her (she has many friends). Bomi also actively does volunteer work. She goes out quietly by herself to do volunteer work.” (Park Chorong)

“Bomi is a very sincere person and someone who genuinely cares a lot for her friends. Her character is one that speaks truthfully and sincerely. She’s someone that I can go to and pour my heart to without any burden at all because she’s a simple, yet honest person. Because she loves animals, she often visits a centre for abandoned dogs and does volunteer work there. Although she’s a girl group member, she enjoys living her life comfortably like a normal person. When I see that side of her, I think that she’s really beautiful.” (Jung Eunji)

“Whenever I’m having a hard time, Bomi unnie is the person I look for.” (Oh Hayoung)

Jung Eunji, as you get to know her, she someone who resembles a good wife and wise mother.

“Eunji often shows her boyish charms through her dramas. Because of that, many people see her as having a boyish personality. In reality, however, Eunji is dexterous and quite feminine.” (Park Chorong)

“She is someone who is strongly recognised with a tomboyish personality, but in reality she’s someone with a motherly style.” (Son Naeun)

“Eunji is someone who is unaware of how feminine she really is. She has excellent knitting, cooking, drawing, and makeup skills. The more you see her, the more her feminine charms stand out.” (Yoon Bomi)

“On the outside, you can see her outgoing nature. However, unnie has a tender side to herself. It is a side of her that is simply hidden, that’s all.” (Kim Namjoo)  

“Her dancing skills have improved tremendously. Seeing her so passionate in improving herself, we came to call her the Dancing Machine. On top of that, her vocal skills have grown incredibly.” (Oh Hayoung)

235E8949556478F52332EESon Naeun, her cold first impression is only a misconception.

“Naeun is the type to get shy around strangers, however, she is very talkative around the people she’s close to. Even if people can’t react to her jokes, she laughs and has fun by herself. Sometimes, she can be quite clueless and seeing that side of her is really cute. She is slowly opening up and showing more sides to herself that she was not able to since debut. Naeun is such a bright child. She is never swayed by opinions and circumstances, and in many ways, she matches well with Chorong unnie.” (Jung Eunji)  

“Naeun matches really well with me. At first glance, she seems like she’s hard to approach because people mistaken her to have a cold and proud image. However, if you are someone who is close to Naeun, you can see how she is really good at having deep conversations. She has a really cute side to herself. When she nags her dongsaengs, they automatically become obedient. She knows herself well, and tends to be on the quiet side. As much as she’s quiet, she tends to build up stress that way. Although she’s a dongsaeng to me, there’s a lot that I can learn from Naeun. She prepares herself well. She’s incredible when she puts her mind into doing something (for example dieting).” (Park Chorong)

“Although she doesn’t show it outright, but she deeply cares for people. Whenever I get injured, she is meticulous in taking care of me.” (Yoon Bomi)

“She really likes old fashioned food and ingredients, and I think because of that, she tends to be really healthy.” (Kim Namjoo)

“I am roommates with Naeun unnie, and because she had a lot of personal schedules is the beginning, we didn’t have a lot of chance to talk to one another. However, more recently, we have had many opportunities to do so. I’m really thankful for you. At one point in time, I’ve become so comfortable and attached to Naeun unnie.“ (Oh Hayoung)

Kim Namjoo, the appearance of a new multi-entertainer.

“From a vocalist’s point of view, Namjoo has such a charming voice. Not only that, she has quite a wide vocal range. I’d like her to have more opportunities to show her true self and talents to the public.” (Yoon Bomi)


“I would like Namjoo to be bolder. She tends to be shy around strangers and tends to hide away in those situations. I hope that she has more opportunities to show the skills that she has mastered. I’m sure that people would see her in a cute manner. I think Namjoo would do really well in musicals.” (Jung Eunji)

“From dancing, acting, and singing, Namjoo is versatile and have many talents to show. There is still a lot of things that she haven’t been able to show to everyone. In other words, she has a lot potential in her.” (Son Naeun)

“She’s an all-rounder entertainer. She has a great personality, and always treats me comfortably like a friend (of the same age).” (Oh Hayoung)

“Because she’s an only child, Namjoo really enjoys having older and younger sisters in the team. She listens and follows well. Never once has she said she’s displeased with anything; she follows her unnies without complaining. She has such a great personality. At times, she seems like a younger brother to me. Like a mischievous younger brother.” (Park Chorong)

Oh Hayoung, the lovable maknae who makes her sisters proud.

“Hayoungie has a lot of childlike qualities. She’s a really innocent child and is good at remembering things. There are things that the other members have seemed to have forgotten, and Hayoung seems to be the only one that remembers them. When she was at school, she had a great deal of focus and studied really well. Because of that, Hayoung received excellent results at school. She’s someone with a lot of sense and great memory. As the maknae, she tries hard to suppress her sadness whenever she is going through a hard time. Hayoung is really affectionate towards her unnies.” (Jung Eunji)

“Hayoung is someone with a really deep heart. When we were studying Japanese, she would remember every single vocabulary that the Teacher taught us. She’s good at recalling things from the past. In many ways, she has a mature side to her. When she debuted in her third year of high school, she was just like a baby. However, after experiencing the celebrity life, she has grown up to be an adult. She takes all the advices that her unnies would tell her, and have made her unnies proud by growing up maturely. She must have felt suffocated at times because she became a celebrity at such a young age. Despite that, she grew up really well.” (Son Naeun)

“Hayoungie’s voice when she sings is really beautiful. There is a huskiness, and sexy feel to her voice which is really distinct. She still doesn’t have enough confidence in herself, but I hope that she continues to nurture her skills and improve. Out of all the idols, her beautiful legs are the best. She has good proportions too. Her legs are so doll-like.” (Yoon Bomi)

“She’s such a funny kid. She has a lot of interesting thoughts too. She’s our hidden card who possesses a lot of potential to do well in the future.” (Kim Namjoo)

“Hayoung is such a kind hearted person. Her personality is one that is unable to place fault in other people. On top of that, when she is faced with frustrating situations, she is still a nice, kind hearted person. She speaks very logically. She does everything well, and I believe that she still has a lot of talents to show to the public. Have more confidence in yourself!” (Park Chorong)